Friday, August 21, 2015

Rough Fire Update

We have no anticipated opening of Lower Kings Canyon and Boyden Cavern

Kings Canyon is one of the deepest river carved canyons in the nation. With the canyon measuring at about 8000' deep with shear walls of rock, one would think that fire danger would be fairly minimal. The problem is along the south western edge of the canyon, brush and fuel for the fire is thick and dry.... Now the fire is moving toward Hume Lake at an amazing speed, just to the south of Hume Lake is an area called camp 7, an old logging area that was logged back when Boyden was in the area around 1906. What the loggers found were trees of enormous size in both height and girth. Giant Sequoias grow in this area and are approximately four thousand years old. Today the Rough fire is threatening these groves of Sequoias with the intensity of fire that these trees may have never had to endure. Although Giant Sequoias have an amazing fire resistant bark and historically have stood the test of time, the Rough fire may prove more than even these mighty trees can withstand.

Keep an eye on the below link and see all the smoke around Hume Lake, as we learn more we will update this page.

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